Why Multi-Sensory Reading Instruction Works

learning-to-read-the-alphabet-549446-sChildren have a natural desire to develop spoken language and begin to understand printed words. For many children learning to read, write and spell comes easily. Unfortunately, for a significant number of children learning to read and develop written language skills does not come naturally, despite the presence of normal intelligence, effective classroom instruction, and an eagerness to learn. Sadly, language, learning difficulties can lead to problems in vocabulary development, reading comprehension and general knowledge attained during reading. 
When taught with traditional teaching methods these young learners often face frustration and failure. However, they will experience success when they receive specialized and individualized instruction during structured, multisensory language tutoring sessions; which also teaches other language skills and introduces reading strategies for life-long learning success.

My goal is to provide specialized one-to-one instruction that enables students to develop effective reading, spelling and writing skills. Phonics Fundamentals, the foundation of my teaching, is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching written language skills and language arts concepts. Phonics Fundamentals embraces the teaching principle; ‘children who have language, learning difficulties need reading instruction that engages all their senses’.

Structured Multisensory Language Tutoring sessions are individualized lessons that incorporate multisensory teaching techniques that are applied and reinforced throughout every portion on a lesson. Additionally, Structured Multisensory Language Tutoring is direct instruction in phonics, language structure, spelling rules, while Instruction emphasis is on development of phonological awareness. 
Further, Structured Multisensory Language Tutoring is explicit, sequential, cumulative one-one individualized instruction. Specifically, Structured Multisensory Language Tutorials include:

Phonics Fundamentals Orton-Gillingham’s Research Based Remediation Method
Phonics/ Phonemic Awareness/Phonological Awareness
Six syllable/Spelling Rules and Generalization of These Rules
Syllable Division/Red Words (word that do not sound out according to syllable and spelling rules)
Handwriting Without Tears Method for Teaching both Manuscript and Cursive Handwriting
Angling for Words Decoding and Spelling Practice with Basic Vocabulary
History of Language, Word Roots: Suffixes and Prefixes

Finally, because teaching reading in a systematic, cumulative fashion Structured Multisensory Language Tutorials teach to children’s intelligence, rather than rote memorization. The number of tutoring hours varies according to the severity of each student’s difficulties, intelligence, emotional make-up, family/school support, and the age when a child is identified. Many students need tutoring for one to two years.

I hope this brief outline answers your questions about my tutoring services,
All the Best,

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