What Parents Say About Carol

“Carol tutors my 17-year-old son who is highly dyslexic and is the first individual who has taken the time to use a multi-sensory approach to his reading therapy. Carol is very patient and she understands my son’s needs. Her positive attitude actively engages him, and challenges him to do his best.

Carol is very knowledgeable concerning dyslexia and dysgraphia and her past experience as a professional educator has been a huge resource when working with the public school system.

One of the biggest contributions Carol has made to our family is that now my son has a tutor who understands that he learns differently, he’s not stupid, and that reading and writing are achievable goals.”

Renee deValcourt
Leawood, Kansas

“My daughter has struggled with reading and writing in school. As soon as I was able to get her diagnosed with dyslexia, we began tutoring sessions with Miss Carol. Seeing my daughter use the tools she has been taught whens she reads has been amazing. The change in her confidence level as a more independent reader is incredible.

While she still has a long way to go I know without Miss Carol’s help, she would have struggle to make it even this far.”

Trish Phillips
Belleview, Washington

“My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia when he was 10 years old. He struggled with reading and spelling on a daily basis. He had low self-esteem and would become frustrated with himself very easily. Shortly after the diagnosis we started our tutoring with Carol. Trey actually enjoyed each session and worked very well with Carol. She relates to kids and she made Trey focus and learn, but in a fun and positive environment.

Trey has made great advances during his sessions and I am happy to say he made the Superintendent’s Honor Roll for the 5th Grade. What a great accomplishment for someone who in previous years had trouble reading and writing.”

Cherilyn Widhalm
Lee’s Summit, Missouri

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