Simple Ways to Introduce Reading

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Many new parents today are both savvy and exited about introducing reading to their toddlers and pre-school age children. Parents want to know when’s the best time to introduce the alphabet, and the world of Books.

Here are three ways I recommend getting started:

Reading Aloud -As soon as your child can sit up and their eyes are beginning to focus begins reading aloud-colorful board books and short storybooks, every day. With your pre-school age children, take time to preview the book. Discuss together the illustrations and ask your child what he thinks the story may be about, based on the preview of the book. Find out what they might know about the topic or concept of the book. Read slowly and place you finger under the words as the read aloud. Soon your child will begin recognizing some words.

Alphabet Teaching -Tack up the twenty-six letters of the alphabet at your child’s eye level, and where they can see them everyday. Good places to display the alphabet are by the kitchen table, in the family room, or in your child’s bedroom. Begin teaching the letters in your child’s name first. Talk about these letters until they have them memorized. From here introduce three more letters at a time then progressing to three more as they master three letter names each time. At this time don’t worry about letter sounds. In

Reading Corner – Start a home library for your child. Create a reading corner in an area in your home, away from the television, where you child can explore books. Those that have been read to him and new books selected from the library, or bookstore. It’s also a good place to tack up a poster of the alphabet, include a set of alphabet cards, and an assortment of word and alphabet puzzles. Immersing your child in letters and words will ensure his success at learning to read.

Most children are usually curious and excited to learn about words and reading, since they see Mom and Dad reading every day. The good news, parents don’t need to have a background in reading begin simple reading activities for their eager young learners.

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