Reading Activity – Improving Speed and Accuracy with “Repeated Readings”

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Every good reader must read quickly with accuracy. Struggling readers need to improve both of these skills. An activity designed to achieve speed and accuracy, while motivating students is called “Repeated Readings”.

What You’ll Need:

– A Stop Watch
– A written passage your child or student can read easily
– Graph Paper

The reading activity goes like this:

First, have your child read the passage as fast as they can out loud.
2. Record how many mistakes he or she makes the first time
3. Log the time (minutes or seconds) it took to read the passage,
4 Point out all the words missed and graph this data
5. Then, have the student read the passage again.
6. Repeat this process three to five times, always graphing the times and missed words.

Struggling readers immediately see their reading is improving. The graphed data shows their progress. Competition is always fun, so when doing “Repeated Readings” encourage your child or student to set a goal for themselves. Such as: “I’m going to read the passage 45 seconds with only two reading mistakes”.

Parents and teachers can easily incorporate this reading activity into daily reading and homework times. Reading quickly and accurately helps students retain what they’ve read and read for longer periods of time, the key to learning success.

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